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Don’t Work in the Dark – Use a LightVest® and Stay Safe

Don’t Work in the Dark – Use a LightVest® and Stay Safe

There are many professions requiring you to work in the dark, and carrying a torch isn’t always the best possible option. Consider security guards, emergency services, delivery services, and even the construction industry where it pays to have both hands free.

Introducing the LightVest®, a unique product you can wear to keep your work-space illuminated when all around you is dim or dark. The LightVest® consists of an illuminating vest which is able to provide illumination in the surrounding area up to 5 metres. Rather than having to carry a cumbersome torch it is possible to wear the LightVest® and let the 24 LED lights illuminate the way.

It is powered using rechargeable batteries which provide powerful illumination of up to 560 Lumin, and includes seven handy lighting levels. The charger (110VAC-240VAC) will be included with your purchase and the LightVest® itself conforms to EN471 standards for safety vests.

The LightVest® will prove to be an invaluable resource for your team of construction workers working in the dark. Using the latest technology from the Netherlands it is extremely durable, and makes use of a nano coating to make it particularly robust in bad weather.

Working in the dark can be a risky business. Particularly in areas where there is little illumination and you might be forced to carry a heavy torch. Which of course leaves your workers with one less free hand for carrying out their duties. And as well as illuminating the surrounding work-space it makes the wearer stand out more to those around. Long lasting and very eco-friendly it will save your workforce and you time, money, effort and greatly increase safety on site.

This revolutionary product is currently available online or from various construction service retailers. More than 5000 have already left the warehouse and are being put to good use on construction sites around the world.

Don’t waste a moment and get your team kitted out with a Light-Vest Leds Work ®, currently available in the online store.

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