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Firefighters uses Lightvest

Firefighters uses Lightvest

Safety is a top priority for firefighters. As well as keeping members of their community safe, they also need to protect themselves and their colleagues. One way in which to do so is by wearing fully protective and high visibility clothing. One such piece of protective clothing is that of the Light-Vest by Below we explore why the Light-Vest is useful for fire departments.

Increased visibility

When working in the dark, and especially on the roadside, anything that can help to increase visibility should be used. By doing so other road users will clearly see the firefighters in attendance at an RTA or other road incident. The Light-Vest has 24 LEDs and will last up to 100 hours once fully charged. More importantly, when on its most brightest setting, visibility can reach up 5 meters.

Suitable for all weathers conditions

The Light-Vest can be used in all weather conditions, including snow and frost. The LEDs can also handle extreme heat. Therefore, no matter what the time of year, or what emergency situation has arose the Light-Vest can be worn.

Quick and easy to use

During an emergency situation, firefighters have to handle emergency equipment while changing into protective clothing quickly and efficiently. They need to be able to dress as quickly as possible as every single second matters. The Light-Vest is incredibly easy to strap on with its simplistic design, and it only takes a matter of seconds before it is ready and lit up for use.

Special Firefighter edition

There is also a special edition of the Light-Vest that has been specifically designed for firefighters. This vest is constructed of fireproof material, meaning that it can be used not just for roadside incidents but for when they need to tackle fires.

The Light-Vest is incredibly versatile, affordable and highly practical for firefighters. To learn more abut our highly efficient Light-Vest and in particular our special firefighter Light-Vest, then please visit our online shop that can be found at

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